D&D Training

The D&D company offers multiple courses held by various professionals in the sector.

Specialized courses are offered for both dental technicians and clinicians, in order to organize the clinician to the digital flow, which covers 20% of the national requirement (at an international level it represents well over 40%), but in the next few months it is estimated great growth in the sector.

In addition to the classic specialized courses, our goal is also to train the customer in the digital flow sector. These new digital technologies are the ones that will then make it possible to incorporate production, optimizing the quality of the products, simplifying work and streamlining delivery times. In fact, you can make an impression in the morning and receive the job the same evening! D&D is a digital flow laboratory of excellence, which represents the present and the future of dental technology and dentistry. In this regard, an article was also published in the Corriere della Romagna.

Our aim is therefore to follow the professional step by step during his training course, in order to guarantee the student an in-depth learning and a greater awareness of his own abilities.

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