About us

The D&D laboratory, leader in the sector since 1990, specializes in both the analog and digital sectors.

The founder, Denis Ortolani, born on May 26, 1970, received his dental technician diploma in 1988 at the IPSIA G. Benelli institute in Pesaro. Subsequently he enrolled in the medical university, but after two years of attending he understood that his path was another. Continuing his path he took the degree of dental hygienist at the Spanish Ilerna University.

The first D&D headquarters was born in Longiano, in a 50 m2 laboratory, and then moved to Gambettola in a 600 m2 laboratory, divided into: production center on the ground floor and administrative center and training room on the upper floor.

The D&D laboratory consists of a production laboratory divided into sectors: cad cam room, ceramics room, central production room and plaster room. Each room has a department head or production managers, who report to Massimo Zacchini, the right-hand man of the D&D director, product quality manager.

The dental laboratory is made up of a team of expert and qualified dentists whose main objective is the continuous search for the maximum aesthetic result. We therefore distinguish ourselves through precise workmanship, of the highest quality and with perfect aesthetics. In the laboratory you will not only find excellence, but also the love and passion for the work that takes place.

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