Dental works

D&D by Ortolani Denis specializes in:

    • Fixed prosthesis : artificial artifact, not removable by the patient, which restores the shape and function of lost or severely damaged natural teeth.
    • Removable prosthesis : device capable of replacing the absence of dental elements or atrophied bone structures due to aging.
    • Toronto: Fixed prosthesis screwed to dental implants, capable of replacing an entire arch.
    • Toronto Aesthetics : Fixed on the implants using the All on four technique, ie on 4 implants and can replace up to 10-12 teeth.
    • Skeletons: Practical and economical solution to restore balance and chewing when the number of missing teeth is limited.
    • Veneers : Thin ceramic or composite laminates with a very thin thickness that can range from 0.5 to 0.7 mm ; these thin sheets are glued to the outer surface of the front teeth of the upper and/or lower arch.
    • Implant prosthesis : allows the replacement of one or more lost dental elements with titanium "artificial roots" which, through a biological process called osteointegration, allows the application of a fixed prosthesis
    • Abutment Person : support of the superstructure that replicates the natural tooth with a manufactured article

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